The fee to be accredited by Theological Accreditation International is $200.00 annually.

There are a number of processes and activities in our accreditation process for each applicant such as:

  • Operates legally in accordance with State, federal and national statutes
  • Has sufficient administrative facilities to accommodate staff, administrative and educational file and records
  • Classroom facilities are adequate to accommodate student needs
  • All policies are made available in writing to relevant employees and students where applicable
  • Suitable procedures are in place to administer online and international students
  • A current catalog is available to all students
  • Personnel policies are in accordance with federal statutes
  • Has a suitably qualified academic board or council to set and maintain academic offerings
  • Implements an evaluation system for student performance
  • All board and faculty members and staff must comply with New Testament standards of conduct
  • Schools must be in comply with fundamental Christian teachings
  • Each institution must submit an annual report

Theological Accreditation International offers two levels of membership:

Candidate Status
The institution has submitted an application for accreditation and paid the annual fee

Member Status
The institution has met all our accreditation standards and have been awarded with an accreditation certificate

Theological Accreditation International is not legally responsible for the study programs or any other aspect of offerings by its members and is not on any way responsible for way the institution runs its day to day affairs and/or legal compliance with State or federal statutes

Any member which fails to maintain the standards of Theological Accreditation International or fails to submit the annual report and renewal fees will be placed on probation until they comply with these requirements